Strategic Communications

Getting your message across to the right people at the right time in the right way is critical to any initiative. While the idea is simple, getting results can be complicated especially in unfamiliar territories. Future Focus helps clients create, deliver, monitor and reiterate the message for effective communications and in doing so creates the basis for our extended services.


We execute, on behalf of our clients, a well-developed strategy for their legislative and regulatory affairs. Future Focus effectively engages government members, key regulators and stakeholders in a way that empowers them to take action in the swiftest, most seamless manner possible.

Our consistent and effective approach represents the interest of our clients to government decision makers. We work to successfully represent our clients on a wide range of issues from initial registration procedures to eligible benefits based on investment. Our finger is on the pulse of legislation developments and we are equipped to manage unforeseen changes that affect your business.

Business Development

Future Focus has a series of strategic partnerships with established business owners and investors focused on investment opportunities in Mozambique and the region. Clients looking for foreign investment opportunities will benefit from our partners and project development expertise. Our approach to ensuring these forged partnerships are successful is by maintaining our strong local knowledge and presence while focusing on relationship building and sustainable development of the business.

Social Development Program Planning

Future Focus provides advisory & project management services related to community growth and development to our clients. We sincerely believe that the next generation of business ideas and markets will result from weaving social considerations into today’s business strategies.

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