Future Focus is a full-spectrum business development firm based in Maputo, Mozambique since 2011 with a well-rounded offering of consulting services including representation, communications, social development program planning and the refinement of implementation strategies.

Our customers benefit from our extensive network of contacts in the industry and commerce sector and our extensive experience with the government and business community. We seek first to understand the client and their objectives and once we are clear about their end game, we create an overall strategy with a detailed implementation plan. We are fully committed to executing plans in a way that enhances the client’s reputation while delivering the desired result.

Our key assets are fundamental in helping our clients successfully navigate the legislative process to protect and further their interests, and equally so, the interests of the country and people of Mozambique. Regardless of your industry we can help you achieve your goals.

We understand that hurdles are inevitable when doing business in a foreign country. Our intent is to simplify and expedite this process on your behalf. Building a case before the government calls for a detailed action plan and we can address almost any administrative policy, program or funding issue in Mozambique.

We are service-oriented, results-driven and our work aims to facilitate harmonization between private and public interests. Our goal is to see Mozambique self-reliant and the private business sector within the country flourish. It is this ethos that allows us the freedom to represent organizations on issues that we genuinely care about.

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Email: contact@fufocus.com | Address: Ahmed Sekou Touré, No. 3400, 1 Andar, Maputo – Moçambique

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